The project to use Marine Extract started already for more than 25 years ago to utilize the special properties of the marine extract for wound healing. However, the promising product never reaches the market depending on lack of recourses to fulfill a market entrance.

The policy in my Company is to find stable compound or extracts from Mother Nature and use them either as Dietary Food Supplements or as skin care products.  2001 we manage to isolate a complete stable biological system from marine sources.
Basic biology

The balances in the digestion system direct create either a balance or imbalance in the blood micro circulation and the lymphatic drainage. In the skin layer it is extremely important that each cell get oxygen the whole time and the only way to get it is a proper working blood micro circulation system. By that micro circulation system all the needed nutrients will reach the cell and keep it in healthy condition. However, old cells, despite a good supply of nutrients, water and oxygen will sooner or later die or get damage of different reason and therefore the only way for the body to totally make the skin layer clean from the dead and damage cells is by a well function lymphatic system and then the dead and damage cells will be totally digested by the immune cells.


What is Marine Extract?
The Marine Extract consists of a stable biological system between proteolytic protein and a lipid molecule which is combined in a natural complex. The Marine extract is non-toxic with a size of a few nanometers and is absorbed into the skin layer within seconds.


Mode of action
The molecule recognize, target and destroy divergent cells by its interplay with the basic immune defense system in the skin without any negative effects or any toxic effects.  The Marine Extract does several things it cleaning divergent and damage cells and it cleaning up the clogged lymphatic system and establish a normal interplay between the two systems which must be in working balance in order to get healthy skin.

The Marine Extract is the basic in all formulation from us and then by using well established natural extract from the nature we will increase also the efficacy of those natural compounds. This means with the Marine extract as the key ingredient we have added special compound which have whitening properties, anti-ageing properties, smoothening properties.