Detoxifies the most important organ in our stomach, the Small Intestine and restore the function to normal and bring back the immune defenses system to normal. The Small Intestine is very sensitive to infections-leading to sickness and development of mild and severe diseases. I-Zulin restores the function within a few days to normal.


1.  Enzymes are protein that are produced by all cells and organs and is needed for our survival. Each enzyme has its own function.

2.  The production of enzymes in our body is depending on the function of a good working Small Intestine.

Benefits of I-Zulin

1.  To secure the function of the Small Intestine and its immune system by destroying pathogenic bacteria and cleaning up the mucosa surface.

2.  To harmonize the communication system between cells and organs.

3.  To keep the immune defenses system under control.

4.  To prevent development of severe diseases and to keep the body healthy.

Life Matters Most

I-Zulin contains 100% Natural Bio-Active Rice Protein which is the Mother Nature's way to help both healthy and sick people. Healthy people need to stay healthy and sick people need to be healthy again. From severe to mild diseases the product starts up the immune defenses system to work again in helping the body's own healing process.