Thai Bio Group (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (TBG)

Thai Bio Group (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (TBG) technology was conceived by TBG Founder Thai and Sweden Scientist, Over 25 years ago. Our scientists are working for Top 5 of Pharmaceutical Companies in USA.

The beginning from the animal field is obvious as especially the pig and poultry field facing huge problems with pathogenic infections and by that low profitability. Within the Pharmaceutical field it is always normal to start the testing in animal and then go over the human, In our case we had a safety product and therefore it was logically to do two things; selling and get in results how the products work.

Over the ensuing 25 years, TBG scientists have harnessed the power of these organisms and developed the fermentation process to create a powerful blend of proprietary biocatalysts. Extensive research and development has resulted in refinement of the production process through the introduction of additional natural microorganisms.

Today, TBG technology continues to evolve across a variety of settings as a 100% natural, non-toxic and safe means of human consumer.