Knowledge about alcohol drinking

Alcoholic beverages are the most famous of beverages in the world. Many people drink alcoholic beverages at lunch and dinner as culture for a long time, especially in China. The alcoholic beverages were used for many activities, such as for “warm up” the body, used in the party, and religious ceremonies etc. There are many health problems about alcohol drinking with no or not clear answers.

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1.  Why the pink skin occurred after the Alcoholic beverages was taken?

After the alcohol beverage was taken, the alcohol will be changed to the chemical in the energy cycle. “ Aldehyde “ will be produced from one step in the cycle, it’s the toxin. However, our body has “ Aldehyde dehydrogenase ”, which is the enzyme to change Aldehyde to the other chemicals. But some of Asians (about 50%) have the genes for Aldehyde dehydrogenase production in a few amount. This is the reason why Aldehyde will be accumulated after the alcohol beverage was taken.

Aldehyde makes the many health problems, it is the cause of nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headache, itching and rashes, hypertrophy of vascular, and pink body skin.

In addition, the effects from Aldehyde are the cause of “Hangover”.

The figure below shows the step of alcohol degradation.


2.  What’s the “ hangover ” ?

“ hangover ” is the symptom after the alcohol degradation was done, such as headache, nausea, vomiting etc. For these symptoms, Dehydration (lack of water), Aldehyde accumulated, and hypoglycemia (low sugar level) are the causes.

The below is the figure to show you the cause of “Hangover”.