I-Zulin (Dietary Supplement) for Diabetes

The strategy now is to concentrate on sick people and especially Diabetes.

• Diabetes is the results of a small intestine in imbalance and when the small intestine doesn’t work perfect the Insulin cannot transport the glucose from the blood into the cells. Diabetes affects the whole body and initiates other diseases as Stroke, Heart Attack, High Cholesterol, Hypertension, Kidney, Dysfunction, Cytokine Storm etc.

• Diabetes is the indicator that the small intestine is not in balance. Over 90% of all the nutrients to the cells and the organs are supplied by the small intestine. The signal system between the cells and the total immune system are also depending on a perfect small intestine and its own immune defense system named Peyer’s Patch Cell System. Peyer’s Patch Cell System is a lymphoid system located in the mucosa layer in the small intestine and performs a symbiotic work with the small intestine and the total immune defense system.

• The mode of action of I-Zulin is to establish a healthy micro flora in the small intestine and secure that all the biochemical reactions which must be performed by breaking down the food to Essential Nutrients really happened.

• It also secure that the Insulin which is produced by the pancreas is active. The reason that insulin not working in people with diabetes depends on imbalance in the small intestine and the Insulin is inactive and therefore cannot give a signal to the special receptor on the cells surface to take in glucose and the glucose level in the blood drastically increasing to dangerous levels. The I-Zulin activates the Insulin and other hormones within 5 to 25 minutes. The product I-Zulin is totally safety and non-toxic.